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Wounded Tigris


Leon McArron, Emily Garthwaite and videographer Claudio von Planta travelled across the length of the Tigris River through Turkey Syria and Iraq. Filming over 12TB of footage across months of travel, Leon asked me to create a 5" spot to send out to distributors to gain funding for a feature length doc. As well as funding, the video has been helpful in promoting Leon's book he wrote after his travels concluded.

The hours of excellently logged, but still in vast quantity, footage came together well to form a great summary of their adventure whilst still leaving that "wanting more" feeling which we worked hard to achieve. Pulling together the story from the rushes is something I enjoyed greatly.

Editor/Grade/Mix - Dan Sherlock
Self Shooting Director - Claudio von Planta
Producer - Leon McArron & Emily Garthwaite

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Wounded Tigris


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