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MLB Home Plate Season 2

2022 - MLB | Jungle Creations

Editing 4 out of the 6 episodes of this series meant trying to find the shows footing style wise. The year prior we shot an in kitchen cooking show due to COVID travel restrictions so this was the first test of Willy out in the States doing what he does best.

The main goal of this series was to promote the 2023 London Series where the St Louis Cardinals played the Chicago Cubs which has it's very own episode showing the results of the menu creation.

Editor/Mix - Dan Sherlock
Producer - James Fenn
Self Shooting Director - Kristian Young
Motion GFX - Joe Bond
Grade - Creep

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Social Edits

For each episode I cut together a 15" trailer and a 15" social clip from a section of the episode. Each was formatted to 9x16 and 1x1. The key thing was to create interest and excitement around the release of each episode. Published to both MLB Europe and Willy's social media platforms.

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