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MLB Home Plate Season 3

2024 - MLB | Jungle Creations

As the series editor in this four part series, I had a lot of creative control which helped pull each episode together into a succinct show. Playing off Willy's natural humour made the comedic aspect of these edits a lot of fun and I had plenty of opportunities to experiment and build on his (many) jokes. 

Working with Jungle Creations to pull this together, the aim of the third instalment of MLB's Homeplate series is to promote the London Series Game in July where Willy will be competing to see which of the two baseball-team based menus wins.

Editor/Grade/Mix - Dan Sherlock
Producer - James Fenn
Self Shooting Director - Kristian Young
Motion GFX - Joe Bond

The full series below...

Social Edits

For each episode I cut together a 15" trailer and a 60" cutdown from a section of the episode. Each was formatted to 9x16, 1x1. The key thing was to create interest and excitement around the release of each episode. Published to both MLB Europe and Willy's social media platforms.

COMING SOON_edited_edited.jpg

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