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Pretty much every video needs a short, 30 to 60 second promo to go alongside to release on social media. I either do the promo edit after I've completed the main edit or on occasion I will get asked to purely edit the promos. 
Short, snappy and usually a challenge to get the timings down, I always enjoy cutting a promo. Plus it's always a little exciting when you see one floating about on instagram!
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Ready Set Baileys Promo
To promote a Great British Bake Off style video featuring celebs from Made In Chelsea and Gogglebox, I edited the social cut downs to go to Instagram Stories. As such, all videos were 9x16 -  a concept I am becoming very familiar with as a lot of work is now becoming vertical as we head into a more digital age!
It was a fun edit, a chance to be fast paced and energetic whilst looking for those funny moments in the footage. It went up on Twisted's Instagram and the main video went to YouTube. With over 5 million instagram followers it was important to get the promotional edits right.