A big bulk of my work is for corporate clients. I have spent a lot of time live editing on site for events which has been great fun. I seem to thrive under the buzz and pressure of the live environment. Plus, as an editor, it's always nice to get out on set and see some action!
Many projects were done working for Forever Video, a powerhouse of a production company, headed up by the legendary Pete Bristow. Pete is a great friend of mine who I have had the privilege of working with on many occasions over the last year or two. With a mixture of being vastly technological and hugely creative, he is a force to be reckoned with! Forever Video always deliver such excellent customer service and products so I'm proud to be working alongside them.
I am unable to show some corporate projects I have worked on due to NDA's but clients include PWC, Oil & Money, Fisher Investment and Young Living.
To see more of Forever Video's work, visit
Society of Editors - 2019 
Back in 2019 I was the live editor for the prestigious Society of Editors. Throughout the day I was ingesting cards and editing panel highlights to go up onto the SOE Twitter account. 
The next day I was cutting the highlights video to promote for the following year.
Working with Forever Video meant that everything went smoothly for the live edit and again in the following week.
Best Place to Work Awards - 2019 
The annual event that dishes out the coveted Best Place to Work awards. This was a fun, fast paced highlights edit of the evening to summarise and promote for the next year. 
Working again with Pete from Forever Video, I had a blast on this job and got some great opportunities to be creative!
Ready Set Baileys Promo
To promote a Great British Bake Off style video featuring celebs from Made In Chelsea and Gogglebox, I edited the social cut downs to go to Instagram Stories. As such, all videos were 9x16 -  a concept I am becoming very familiar with as a lot of work is now becoming vertical as we head into a more digital age!
It was a fun edit, a chance to be fast paced and energetic whilst looking for those funny moments in the footage. It went up on Twisted's Instagram and the main video went to YouTube. With over 5 million instagram followers it was important to get the promotional edits right.
Mother and Baby Awards - 2019 
Running for 27 years, the Mother and Baby awards are the go to guidance for thousands of mothers and parents. I cut the highlights reel to be shown as a promo for the following year as well as a reminder of the great evening that people had.
Working alongside Forever Video again meant this was an enjoyable edit with a creative brief and great footage.