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I absolutely love working on documentaries. It's definitely something I'm passionate about editing. My view on editing in general is to view it like a puzzle at the start - lots of different pieces scattered around that somehow come together to form a piece. This is even more true for documentaries which is why I enjoy editing them so much. 
This video has been deleted.

Stories of Hope is a short documentary sharing the lives of people in Liberia. We find out about life after the war in Liberia, how they are rebuilding, and what their hope is for the country they love. 

I've worked for Rediscover Liberia for over a year now, working on projects from this short doc, to a release video about the new airport. I always love working for them as I can put my own spin on the edit and bounce back creative ideas off the fantastic producer, Sarah. 

This edit started out as a paper edit created out of all the interview content. This was brilliant to have as it gave me a head start in the basic content cut of the video. From there it was a matter of cutting it down and working in the structure of the narrative sections. Grading was great fun as there was a slightly creative grade on the final piece which I really enjoyed putting together.

Stories of Hope is now being used as a sample piece to get funding for a Netflix documentary which they are taking a keen interest in. 

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