Editing the trailer for Bushcraft

Believing in the power of the outdoors myself, getting the opportunity to work on Bushcraft was a dream come true. A three part online course aimed at anyone with an an interest in nature, camping or going back to their roots. Every episode consists of the best educational content from the best in their field.

Featuring Channel 4 and Discovery's Ed Stafford, alongside world renowned Bushcraft expert Steven Hanton, the quality of teaching here was something truly exciting to witness. Working on site as a DIT as well as editor, I was lucky enough to spend time watching these guys thrive in their natural environment and it triggered a love of bushcraft in me myself.

This huge project spanning several months, hours of footage and 12 individual episodes, was a lot of fun to work on. With each episode ranging from 45 to 90 minutes, I had a lot of opportunities to be creative and out my own flare in every video. Each start with their own unique, punchy intro and a trailer was cut for each of the three courses - my personal favourite is Cutting Tools down below.


Working with stunning footage from DOP Ben Sherlock as well as his excellent post production direction it was a true joy to both edit, colour grade and sound mix.

On set for Bushcraft using Canon